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Convertible Classmate From Intel

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Intel has planned to release their cheap and durable laptop named as Classmate, mainly targeting students. As Intel had already released Classmate tablet, which comes with an 8.9 inch touchpanel display, 1.6GHz Atom processor, wifi, 1GB RAM and a 60GB harddisk. It weights only under three pounds with a day long battery life.

Classmate laptops features with a quick launch panel which has been optimized to use with the touchscreen. Added advantages are Big icons and touch friendly elements. There is a dedicated button to bring up the quick launch screen when the Classmate is folded into tablet mode.

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Review On G1 Google Android !!

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Today we will see about the new G1 Google Android mobile phone... This is a great release from Google which has a well spaced QWERTY keyboard with a wide boy structure. Keypads are hidden behind the sidebar; in the front panel of the phone it has five buttons for default operations like call, shortcuts and main navigation. Track ball is placed well at the middle, which make it very easy scroll over a long list of contacts and playlists. And the special part of this mobile phone is that it uses a new OS, since we are only familiar with symbian,windows,palms operating system's. This new platform work better with fast responses and really good integrating with Google applications. Wish!! This new mobile platform OS makes a change in the market...

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Mac Touch is Solar Powered!!!

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This is a New LMac Touch concept from Mac, which is designed by Myyan Chan . The best features of this concept is , it offers the users with an energy function that helps them to use solar energy as a power source.

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Flat Bulb By Joonhuyn Kim

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Everyday there are new products and new technologies are being invented... A Korean designer named "joonhuyn kim" has designed a new kind of bulb named 'flat bulb'. Unlike other ordinary bulbs, it is just 1/3rd of the size with equal power. This slim shaped bulb helps to reduce the costs taken for packaging and transports. This type of bulbs can be prevented from breakage during shipping, as it does not roll. Currently the work was on display in Tokyo and there is no announcement whether this concept will go into production.

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Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

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This is a Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard. It is a small laser device which projects a keyboard on any flat surface. We can type directly through the created virtual keys. The best use of this device would be, when you use your Bluetooth enabled devices like PDA or a Cell Phone for composing e-mails. This virtual keyboard has 63keys with full size QWERTY support. It allows the user to enjoy the convenience of a regular keyboard typing in a tiny form factor of size only 3.5 inches high.

It comes with a rechargeable battery which will lasts for around 120 minutes of continuous typing.

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Samsung's Pebble MP3 Player!!

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This Samsung's YP-S2 Pebble is a small, round and a glossy stone that fits in your palm. Measuring 41x42x17mm and weighing 17g, makes it a tiny and beautiful MP3 player. The 'Smart' button in this, helps to shuffle between the 3 sound enhancing EQ presets while playing a song and accesses Samsung's DNSe (Digital Natural Sound engine) technology. It has a 3.5mm earphone jack placed on the top of the player. It could be used to connect earphones and data transfer USB adapter. A multi colored LED has been placed at the tapering end of the player. The main drawback of this player is, there is no screen to view the information of the song, battery life and equalizer settings.

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Solar Chargers For Mobile!!

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Green Mobile is a company which offers this newly modeled solar charger for mobile phones, which will be very useful for a person who travels around all the time and places where it is not possible to afford an electric charger. It is a pocked sized charger comes in 3 models with the battery capacity from 1,000mAh to 1,200mAh. Each charger comes with a Lithium-Ion battery, which can be charged as a stand alone device under the sun and later can be hooked to your mobile phone. USB cable also allows the device to get charged through any USB power outlets. Normal charging time to the mobile phone is about 1 to 2 hours and a single charge can recharge a phone battery up to two times.